Student Management tutorial

Welcome to the AI Student management system tutorial.

The new system requires you as instructors to enrol each of your students into the system prior to the start of the course. This will allow your students to have access to all training materials before they begin the course.

Below is a short clip explaining the process


  1. Log into the website with your instructor credentials
  2. visit the “STUDENT MANAGEMENT” link on the left menu
  3. You will see a list of your current and past students with their status and comments. If the student is a referral you will see the comments the old instructors left outlining what the student is missing.
  4. Choose the course you would like to add student to – this is very important as you have a few courses and the student will be granted access to that course (So please do not add a stage A student to a Stage C course…)
    • You will notice the text: Users Registration Left: XX below the course name. This reflects the number of certifications you have previously purchased minus the certifications you have used.
    • Once this number reaches 0 you will not be able to add more students until you purchase more certification packs.
    • To add new students do one of the following:
    • Click the “Add New Users” link which will scroll the page down to the add students box.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and add the student information.
    • You will need the FULL NAME and EMAIL of each student. Students will be able to modify the name later but it is required for registration. Make sure the email is correct as this will be their unique student ID and will be the address where the authorisation link will be sent. If they are old students the system will simply grant them access to the new course.
    • You can add more students and even upload a CSV file with multiple students (simply download the sample file and edit it).
  5. Once students are added they will appear on your student list.
  6. You can now assess your students by clicking on the big blue buttons.
  7. If a student fails a module (or does not complete it) please mark them as FAIL and add a comment. This will fail them on the course but will add a comment on their file for future reference. This can be used by you to review what they need to complete.
  8. Once a student passes an assessment – the Blue assessment button disappears and the status changes from “Stage A Ocean Certification Not Started” to “Stage A Ocean Certification Completed
    • The stage A course includes two assessment options – Pool and Ocean. For full certification – please complete the ocean assessment. The Pool certification is included in the Ocean certification. for students who fail the ocean but pass the pool – you can grant them a Stage A pool certification which could then be upgraded to a full Stage a certification.
  9. Once a student passes all tasks they are considered certified and a card is sent. they will remain on your student list for that course.